Japanese style Hotel Sansuiro

Okuyugawara Yugawara-chou
Ashigarashimo-gun Kanagawa,Japan

(Int'l +81-465-63-1111)
(Int'l +81-465-63-1116)
E-mail : ssr-info@noguchi-k.co.jp


At Suisanrou, we are proud of our kaiseki style dishes – all made with local, seasonal ingredients and cooked to take full advantage of their natural flavors.
We will present you with unique kaiseki style dishes that use yuba (tofu skin).
Our yuba, homemade with carefully-selected soybeans, has an elegant taste and a characteristic texture which is thick yet soft.
Changing with the seasons, our exquisite dishes have an established reputation, and are an expression of our chef’s skills and his concept of beauty – a delight not only for the palate but also for the eyes.
Please let us know about any allergies or preferences when you make your reservation. We will do our best to adapt the menu.


At Suisanrou, our dedication to serving the very best food also extends to breakfast. Our style of bringing you dishes separately and in sequence, which is not common at other ryokans, is a cornerstone in our concept of hospitality; we would like to enjoy your food while it is still at the perfect temperature.

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